Salkantay trek – the best alternative hike to get Machu Picchu


If you were trying to do the Inca Trail and for reasons of time you did not find available spaces for the walk, and you still want to have the experience of doing a hike where you can be in contact with local people and in the same way enjoy the high Andean landscapes, We recommend to make the circuit of Salkantay that has a duration of 5 days with a total of 86 kilometers of walking approximately make salkantay be considered as one of the best trekking destinations according to the famous national geografic magazine.
There are many ways to make the journey, from the most trivial and known to itineraries more in line with the demands of customers, for example iTERRA PERU AVENTURAS, proposes a more unique itinerary, trying to camp in less frequented places such as llactapata and give you the option to have an uncommon and severely pribileged view of Machu Picchu from the mountains in front, definitely this moment will make your trip much more intense than any other. the sunset from Llacctapata just with the sunrise and possibly one of those unique moments in your life and if to this we add the tranquility and peace that the place gives you, you will surely want to return again and again to our country


Before booking with any tour operator, we recommend asking about the equipment to use for camping days, as this is essential to have a good vacation, remember, there is no bad climate, there is bad camping equipment. iTERRA PERU AVENTURAS counts a professional team in all its team this will make your trip is guaranteed, from our tents, to sleeping bags and others are 100% certified for proper operation even in the worst weather conditions.
and finally in these 5 days of walking you can learn more about the production of coffee, fruits and others and always accompanied by our staff trained in this route who will provide all the information you want.

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What to eat in Cusco Peru


Peruvian gastronomy is among the best in the world and in recent years is still awarded with the highest standards in this area.
Peru to be a country so geographically rich and present a great variety of climates in its territory, makes possible the production of many agricultural products that are essential ingredients for the preparation of the most traditional dishes of Peru.
In recent years Cusco has been increasing its gastronomic market and many restaurant chains nowadays have their headquarters in the main downtown areas of the city. For many of our visitors, the question is what to eat, where to eat, or what to try before returning home.
In this blog we recommend that something inevitable in your diet is to try the traditional cuy in the oven, it may be weird to do it, but keep in mind that if you are looking for something traditional or typical of the city, this dish, which is usually used to Eat on special dates for the local population. Another typical dish that you can not stop proving is the alpaca grill that usually comes with native potatoes next to a salad of cooked vegetables, if you are looking to replace the traditional rice in your dishes, we suggest that your order add a risotto of quinoa, quinoa is rich in protein and excellent by nature for people with celiac disease and people with diabetes problems.
A good place to have a dinner is the main square of the Cusco with a view pribilegiada to the cathedral, many of the premises have balconies where you can enjoy a romantic moment at nightfall.

The best travel companies for the Inca Trail – Peru


The Inca Trail, considered one of the best trekking circuits in the world, gives you the opportunity to reach the sacred city of the Incas through its famous sun gate, which was used by travelers for almost 500 years ago.

It is about 42km that are divided into courses of 10 – 12-15 – 5 respectively per day. Being a well known route for many travelers and lovers of the walk today, the circuit is fully regulated by the government of Peru, therefore there are spaces already granted by this entity and these can not be altered and overcome.

it is for this reason that we only have 500 spaces daily that are offered for sale via internet and in many of the cases these are quickly depleted being the months of May to September the most requested due to the absence of rain in the region, In the same way we have to consider that within this group of 500 available spaces, there are the guides and porters who provide the service of taking our clients to Machupicchu, in that case the approximate number for tourists would be an average of 250 spaces daily.


If you are thinking of completing the Inca Trail, it is important to plan well in terms of your arrival dates and to make an advance schedule of approximately 6 months, as long as it is the case that you want to arrive in the months of June or July. next to this it is necessary to choose a tour operator that fits the service that you want to receive, note that it is what it includes in the service and what is not, since in many offers of different operators the prices vary radically but many times it is due They do not include many aspects in the final service. Another way to see how good an operator is is accessing the accounts of trip advidsor, youtube, and Facebook fanpage, this will help you to have a better idea of ​​which company you are contacting. not necessarily the highest price guarantees a good service but something we are sure is that a very low price as compared to the rest could make your experience on the Inca Trail a real torture so as never to return.


rices range from 450.00 dollars in many cases and these can reach up to 1200.00 dollars per person, a reasonable and good price is between 600.00 to 700.00 dollars, iTerra Peru Aventuras, offers a differentiated service, trying not to exceed groups of 8 people maximum, this makes the experience better compared to groups of 16 people as in many cases, iTerra Peru Aventuras includes absolutely everything in the expedition and offers a service of photography and video for its clients and Select non-traditional camps in the circuit to give more privacy to your travel experience. learn more about our program in the following link.

Dois passeios peruanos entre os imperdíveis da América do Sul, segundo ranking


Cada destino na América do Sul mantém atrações turísticas e experiências que os tornam únicos para os viajantes. Um último ranking da página de viagem O TripAdvisor decidiu coletar os passeios que todo turista não pode deixar de fazer nesta parte do mundo.

A lista, baseada nos comentários e opiniões dos viajantes do TripAdvisor, incluiu os passeios, excursões e experiências culturais mais populares de países como Argentina, Brasil, Colômbia, Peru, entre outros. Por exemplo, uma das rotas que foi colocada entre os primeiros lugares foi a viagem de um dia a Machu Picchu.
Outra experiência que não foi esquecida pelos usuários do TripAdvisor foi o Centro Histórico de Lima. Apreciar a arquitetura colonial foi uma das grandes razões para planejar uma viagem ao Peru, de acordo com os comentários.

Staging of Inti Raymi 2019 will be with environmental responsibility

The Municipal Celebration Company of Cusco (Emufec), institution that organizes the Inti Raymi, will promote this year the social and environmental responsibility in Cusco and tourists who attend the archaeological park of Sacsayhuamán, where the main festival is staged. The Inca ceremony, held every June 24 in honor of the city of Cusco, aims to develop with respect to the bastions and avoid leaving organic and inorganic waste in the entire area and areas of influence.

Fernando Santoyo Vargas, president of the Emufec, told the Andina News Agency that this year they will present innovations in the dissemination and respect of the vast cultural heritage. The initiative coincides with the 75th anniversary of the cultural staging.

«It is fundamental, we can not stay every year with the collection of solid waste from 20 to 21 tons, we have to be consistent with the regulations, we must limit in a certain way the entry of plastics during the Inti Raymi,» he said.
To achieve the objective, he indicated that they work with operators in tourism, who transfer tourists for staging and often take them with food. «Everyone who enters activities must meet minimum standards of environmental and social responsibility,» he reiterated.

Emufec will also seek to prevent the other commemorative activities, which begin in May and end in July, from being altered by garbage, «we need Cusco’s activities to begin to have a green seal, this implies the quite altruistic commitment that they should have the tour operators «.

Digital broadcast

At another time, Santoyo Vargas said that the dissemination of Inti Raymi will be promoted by digital means. The people of Cusco and the world should know and know the traditions and customs of Cusco through these means.

They will boost tourism in Choquequirao and Sóndor


With the purpose of giving a vital impulse to the tourist activity of the region and being a safe source of income, the regional government will elaborate the Tourism Development Plan of Apurímac.

The announcement was made known by Governor Baltazar Lantarón during a meeting held with officials and local authorities where this issue was addressed.

«The number of tourists that receives Apurímac per year is what Cusco does in a day, that is why we have to invest in tourism, we are going to elaborate a Tourism Development Plan», emphasized the regional authority.

Baltazar Lantarón said that for the current year he will invest from 8 to 12 million soles in tourism so that the region has five tourist corridors, putting in value the Pacucha lagoon, the Apurímac canyon, the Pampachiri stone forest and the site archaeological site of Sóndor.

Finally, he noted that it was essential to enable access through telecabin to the archaeological park of Choquequirao, expressing its commitment to promote this project in an integral way with Cusco, since it will allow the creation of a new tourist corridor to Machu Picchu entrance , of which Apurímac would also be benefited.

Hymn of Cusco will be intoned in Quechua compulsory in any civic act


From this week, schoolchildren, teachers and administrative workers of the city and province of Cusco will have to sing the Cusco anthem in Quechua in every civic act according to the municipal ordinance approved this weekend.

The Provincial Municipality of Cusco, approved the ordinance declaring public interest and historical necessity the intonation of the Cusco anthem in Quechua language from Monday, March 11. The provision must be complied with in any public act of public and private institutions.

The mayor of Cusco, Víctor Boluarte Medina said that to comply with the provision, the material will be distributed physically and digitally. «This is an important step for the recovery and preservation of culture,» he said.

This provision was well received by the regional and municipal authorities who indicated that they will promote that the workers learn and sing the hymn to Cusco in Quechua. The task seems complicated but not impossible because many do not know the lyrics of the song.

According to the information collected by Andina, through the tourism and culture management of Cusco, the school children of the Sciences and Luis Vallejos Santoni schools were the first to sing the Cusco anthem in Quechua.

Peru inaugurates the first pisco school in Europe


In order to promote the internationalization of pisco, the flag drink of Peru, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), through the Commercial Office of Peru in Brussels (Ocex Brussels), opened the Pisco College School in Belgium.

The purpose of this center of studies is to instruct the directors of purchases of alcoholic beverages, bartenders, juries of international competitions, among others, of that part of the world, in the use of our flag drink.

Rosario Pajuelo, commercial counselor at Ocex Brussels, explained that Pisco College is located in the training space known as Bar Connector, in Brussels.

The idea was created with the aim of creating demand in the Horeca sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Catering) in Belgium, which did not exist until 2018.

«Pisco College is a program, coordinated between the Ocex Brussels and the main pisco wineries that have an importer-distributor in Europe, which trains and trains, in eight sessions a year, professionals in the spirits sector around pisco» said Pajuelo.

The classes are structured in a way that addresses the history of pisco, denomination of origin, market aspects, and the explanation of pisco grape varieties, production zones, distillation process; to conclude with a networking session, which encourages business among the attendees hand in hand with a cocktail demonstration, among other topics.

To date, 120 Belgian students from Brussels, Antwerp, Liège and Ghent participated in Pisco College.

They will form the first promotion of this training program and will graduate, in April 2019, with the title of Pisco Connoisseur.

«The graduates will be important promoters of pisco, our allies to extend the market of our drink in northern Europe,» said Rosario Pajuelo.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism: «Peruvian Pisco has obtained the recognition of 70 countries»


Keep raising your face for our flag drink. The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vásquez, announced that Peru has managed to obtain the denomination of origin of pisco in 70 countries and highlighted that with some of those markets where the flag drink is sold, there are still no commercial treaties, which may become an excellent opportunity to exploit. The figure exceeds the recognition of the appellation of origin of Chilean brandy in other countries. «In the framework of their free trade agreement negotiations, they have a recognition for what they call Chilean pisco in about 50 countries,» he explained in RPP.

The head of Mincetur added that his sector is carrying out an aggressive policy to boost our flag drink.

In the American continent, 16 countries recognize Pisco as Peruvian. These are: Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

In Europe there are 35 nations that have granted rights to Peru around Pisco. Figures: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine.
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TIbisay Monsalve: «No Peru, o motor do turismo é mulheres»



Tibisay Monsalve não só é Gerente Geral do Hotel Society Peru, que reúne as melhores marcas de hotéis no país, mas ao longo de seus 32 anos de trabalho no setor conseguiu tornar-se sócio fundador Board Rimac, Parceiro de OWIT (Organização Internacional de Empresarias), Membro da AMEP (Associação de Mulheres Empresárias do Peru), Membro da Comissão de Mulheres da Câmara de Comércio de Lima e até do ex-Presidente Afeet Peru. Sem dúvida, é uma referência que vem deixando o nome do Peru alto.

Tibisay se apaixonou à primeira vista pelo Setor de Turismo, um campo no qual 70% são mulheres. «É por isso que posso dizer que o motor real desta indústria é o nosso, tanto no setor privado quanto no público», diz ele.

Em uma sociedade machista como a nossa, ser mulher não é fácil. Tibisay acredita que uma das suas maiores conquistas é ter conseguido ser respeitada, valorizada e ouvida apesar dos comentários negativos que possam ter surgido quando viu uma mulher que trabalha em hospitalidade. «O tempo é o melhor aliado para demonstrar os valores com os quais você foi treinado», disse ele.

O Tibisay recebeu vários prêmios: do reconhecimento «Vale a Peru» da Comissão de Turismo do Congresso Peruano, ao mais alto grau de concessão concedido pela Prefeitura de Rimac. Tudo graças a sua total dedicação no trabalho dos seus sonhos. «Paixão e dedicação são as chaves para as mulheres que querem empreender turismo, porque não há nada melhor do que trabalhar no que você gosta. Procure ser criativo e sempre organizado, isso facilitará sua vida. Não dê ouvidos às fofocas, porque quando você faz o seu trabalho com amor, tudo vai bem ”, concluiu.