Law promulgated to connect Machu Picchu with Choquequirao


Law No. 30950 provides for the design, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of road rings, pedestrian paths and cable car system to facilitate access to archaeological monuments
The Congress promulgated on Wednesday a law that declares the development of regional plans of access and integration of the archaeological monuments of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, located in the Cusco region, of national interest and public necessity.
Law No. 30950, published today in the official newspaper El Peruano, provides for the “design, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of the road rings, pedestrian paths and cableway system or cable cars that guarantee connectivity” to the aforementioned archaeological monuments , in accordance with Law No. 29899, ​​which declares the restoration and valorization of the Archaeological Park of Choquequirao and its access points in Cusco and Apurímac of national interest.

The aforementioned law also states that the Executive Power, the Regional Government of Cusco and the Regional Government of Apurímac will be responsible for supporting and contributing “with the actions undertaken by local governments for the realization of road rings and pedestrian paths and other works of access and connectivity to the Archaeological Park of Choquequirao “.

Likewise, the Executive Power and both regional governments will be responsible for reporting annually to the Committee on Culture and Cultural Heritage and the Commission on Foreign Trade and Tourism of the Congress on the actions they have carried out regarding the design, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of the road rings, pedestrian paths, as well as the cable car system or cable cars for access to the Choquequirao Archaeological Park.

Law No. 30950 was endorsed by the president of the Congress, Daniel Salaverry.

Attention Cusco Lovers! Discover 4 new places in Cusco that will surprise you

If you have ever visited Cusco, you have been left wanting to return. Why does this happen? Cusco is a city with a unique energy and history that always has something new to show. Not in vain is the navel of the world, it is there where endless anecdotes are born and we breathe the desire to eat the world.

Whether we go with friends or as a couple, this region always finds an incredible way to surprise and embrace us. The question now is whether you really know everything you can offer. If you think that Cusco is only Machu Picchu, you are still in the basic traveler zone.

Apart from these wonders, there are 4 completely different and hidden destinations that only a true Cusco Lover could know. It is a select list of destinations that you will not find when searching for Google images or Facebook photos of your friends. Did you hear about them?
1. Viewpoint of Condors of Chonta

If your thing is to appreciate nature and enjoy hiking, this is your destiny. It is one of the newest alternatives that Cusco has. A trip to the Apurímac River Canyon to enjoy the majestic flight of the Andean condor from a viewpoint. It is located at 3 450 m s.n.m. and has a medium difficulty of travel.

A walk of 3.5 km is made crossing impressive landscapes until reaching the viewpoint: there are archaeological remains, fruit and snowy farms such as Humantay and Salkantay. It is advisable to visit the place between 1 and 4:30 pm. since there is a higher probability of sighting condors.

Resultado de imagen para mirador de condores chonta

2. Three Canyons of Suykutambo

If instead you love nature but also history, this is your ideal destination. On the route you can see archaeological remains that you probably did not know existed (Raqchi and Suykutambo) and enjoy the impressive geography with three perfect alleys and huge cliffs of volcanic earth, as well as 4 lagoons that are home to birds like the Parihuana.

It is a destination that very few have reached, a challenge to achieve it with friends or as a couple. The canyons are an enigmatic and unique place. You will need 2 days and 1 night, since it is located at 4 081 m s.n.m and has a high difficulty of travel.

3. Inca bridge of Q’eswachaka

If you are looking for a quiet but fun and adventurous destination at the same time, you will love this suspension bridge of vegetal fiber (ichu) that is located on the mighty Apurímac River in the district of Quehue.

It is located at 3 700 m s.n.m. and it has a low difficulty, so one day is enough to arrive and make the journey. It is a tribute to Inca wisdom and Andean engineering made by hand with huge forged ropes based on vegetable fiber. As you read it, a feat of historical engineering. Would you dare to cross?

Resultado de imagen para queswachaca

4. Palccoyo: Cordillera Arcoíris

Although all pay attention to the mountain of colors “Vinicunca”, there is a cousin of this sister who is more accessible and just as amazing. In a natural area of more than 9000 hectares is Palccoyo, a place surrounded by mountains that impact with their magnetism.

Also known as the “Cordillera Arcoíris”, it is located at 4 900 m s.n.m and has a low difficulty. Here you can see mountains that resemble the rainbow, red valleys and a forest of stones, ideal for nature lovers and outdoor walks.

Did you know these tourist destinations in the imperial city? One never finishes knowing Cusco and today it is the perfect opportunity to return to visit. Become a Cusco Lover and start discovering all these destinations that await you.

Resultado de imagen para palcoyo

The best season to visit the Rainbow Mountain – Cusco


The already famous rainbow mountain or also known locally as Vinicunca which is located in the region of Cusco, every year has been receiving a large number of tourists of different nationalities, since its beauty and location make this place one of the few with such beauty natural without having been altered in all its magnitude.
Cusco being a region located in the Andes and presenting geographical varieties, it only has two well-defined weather stations, this being the rainy season and the drought season, obviously if what you are looking for is to have a day with a clear sky the best dates would be from the month of May to October approximately, but it should be noted that these months are also considered the coldest of the year, so if you decide to visit the mountain during that season try to take enough shelter so that it does not affect the intense cold of the area, it should be noted that this time is also considered as high season, so there will be many people trying to take the same photo you probably want, in this case our company iTerra Peru Adventures, leaves much earlier in their travel than the rest of operators, looking to be the first in the place to have more time to contemplate the landscape and take advantage of the unique moments to take the best photos with the least amount of people possible.


If the rain is not a problem for you, you can travel in November, December and January, but make sure you wear good hiking shoes and a good raincoat since the rainy season makes the terrain a bit more resilient and there is a tendency for rain and as for the month of February we suggest not traveling because the rains intensify and in some cases we can have electric storms in the place. Contact us to provide a more detailed itinerary of our program in the following link.

Salkantay trek – the best alternative hike to get Machu Picchu


If you were trying to do the Inca Trail and for reasons of time you did not find available spaces for the walk, and you still want to have the experience of doing a hike where you can be in contact with local people and in the same way enjoy the high Andean landscapes, We recommend to make the circuit of Salkantay that has a duration of 5 days with a total of 86 kilometers of walking approximately make salkantay be considered as one of the best trekking destinations according to the famous national geografic magazine.
There are many ways to make the journey, from the most trivial and known to itineraries more in line with the demands of customers, for example iTERRA PERU AVENTURAS, proposes a more unique itinerary, trying to camp in less frequented places such as llactapata and give you the option to have an uncommon and severely pribileged view of Machu Picchu from the mountains in front, definitely this moment will make your trip much more intense than any other. the sunset from Llacctapata just with the sunrise and possibly one of those unique moments in your life and if to this we add the tranquility and peace that the place gives you, you will surely want to return again and again to our country


Before booking with any tour operator, we recommend asking about the equipment to use for camping days, as this is essential to have a good vacation, remember, there is no bad climate, there is bad camping equipment. iTERRA PERU AVENTURAS counts a professional team in all its team this will make your trip is guaranteed, from our tents, to sleeping bags and others are 100% certified for proper operation even in the worst weather conditions.
and finally in these 5 days of walking you can learn more about the production of coffee, fruits and others and always accompanied by our staff trained in this route who will provide all the information you want.

What to eat in Cusco Peru


Peruvian gastronomy is among the best in the world and in recent years is still awarded with the highest standards in this area.
Peru to be a country so geographically rich and present a great variety of climates in its territory, makes possible the production of many agricultural products that are essential ingredients for the preparation of the most traditional dishes of Peru.
In recent years Cusco has been increasing its gastronomic market and many restaurant chains nowadays have their headquarters in the main downtown areas of the city. For many of our visitors, the question is what to eat, where to eat, or what to try before returning home.
In this blog we recommend that something inevitable in your diet is to try the traditional cuy in the oven, it may be weird to do it, but keep in mind that if you are looking for something traditional or typical of the city, this dish, which is usually used to Eat on special dates for the local population. Another typical dish that you can not stop proving is the alpaca grill that usually comes with native potatoes next to a salad of cooked vegetables, if you are looking to replace the traditional rice in your dishes, we suggest that your order add a risotto of quinoa, quinoa is rich in protein and excellent by nature for people with celiac disease and people with diabetes problems.
A good place to have a dinner is the main square of the Cusco with a view pribilegiada to the cathedral, many of the premises have balconies where you can enjoy a romantic moment at nightfall.

The best travel companies for the Inca Trail – Peru


The Inca Trail, considered one of the best trekking circuits in the world, gives you the opportunity to reach the sacred city of the Incas through its famous sun gate, which was used by travelers for almost 500 years ago.

It is about 42km that are divided into courses of 10 – 12-15 – 5 respectively per day. Being a well known route for many travelers and lovers of the walk today, the circuit is fully regulated by the government of Peru, therefore there are spaces already granted by this entity and these can not be altered and overcome.

it is for this reason that we only have 500 spaces daily that are offered for sale via internet and in many of the cases these are quickly depleted being the months of May to September the most requested due to the absence of rain in the region, In the same way we have to consider that within this group of 500 available spaces, there are the guides and porters who provide the service of taking our clients to Machupicchu, in that case the approximate number for tourists would be an average of 250 spaces daily.


If you are thinking of completing the Inca Trail, it is important to plan well in terms of your arrival dates and to make an advance schedule of approximately 6 months, as long as it is the case that you want to arrive in the months of June or July. next to this it is necessary to choose a tour operator that fits the service that you want to receive, note that it is what it includes in the service and what is not, since in many offers of different operators the prices vary radically but many times it is due They do not include many aspects in the final service. Another way to see how good an operator is is accessing the accounts of trip advidsor, youtube, and Facebook fanpage, this will help you to have a better idea of ​​which company you are contacting. not necessarily the highest price guarantees a good service but something we are sure is that a very low price as compared to the rest could make your experience on the Inca Trail a real torture so as never to return.


rices range from 450.00 dollars in many cases and these can reach up to 1200.00 dollars per person, a reasonable and good price is between 600.00 to 700.00 dollars, iTerra Peru Aventuras, offers a differentiated service, trying not to exceed groups of 8 people maximum, this makes the experience better compared to groups of 16 people as in many cases, iTerra Peru Aventuras includes absolutely everything in the expedition and offers a service of photography and video for its clients and Select non-traditional camps in the circuit to give more privacy to your travel experience. learn more about our program in the following link.

Dois passeios peruanos entre os imperdíveis da América do Sul, segundo ranking


Cada destino na América do Sul mantém atrações turísticas e experiências que os tornam únicos para os viajantes. Um último ranking da página de viagem O TripAdvisor decidiu coletar os passeios que todo turista não pode deixar de fazer nesta parte do mundo.

A lista, baseada nos comentários e opiniões dos viajantes do TripAdvisor, incluiu os passeios, excursões e experiências culturais mais populares de países como Argentina, Brasil, Colômbia, Peru, entre outros. Por exemplo, uma das rotas que foi colocada entre os primeiros lugares foi a viagem de um dia a Machu Picchu.
Outra experiência que não foi esquecida pelos usuários do TripAdvisor foi o Centro Histórico de Lima. Apreciar a arquitetura colonial foi uma das grandes razões para planejar uma viagem ao Peru, de acordo com os comentários.