Installation of security cameras in Machu Picchu and vulnerable areas of the Inca Trail


The Peruvian Government, continuing with its plan of conservation of the most important archaeological monuments of the region of Cusco will install in the following months cameras of video surveillance in the most important areas of the Inca citadel as in enclosures along the Inca Trail, with this it will be to promote and provide greater security to the traveler as well as greater conservation of the Monument.
Tourism authorities in the Region mentioned that currently the Inca city already has a certain number of cameras, but over time these are no longer sufficient for security and conservation is so an agreement was signed to increase the number from existing cameras to the current one, achieving in the future not to have new cases of destruction of the patrimony because of some bad visitors that do not respect the place and that this takes with it many acts that are lacking in modesty.


in regard to the magical Inca road, along its 43 km of travel, the cameras will be located in highly strategic points as is the case of the start and end and in turn in possibly more vulnerable places, giving to if in an eventual In case of emergency, a prompt and effective assistance to the traveler, since as it was reported, the cameras will be directly connected to the base of the tourism police and in case of accident or adverse climatic situations, the national police of Peru can act immediately since they have helicopters for a possible evacuation.

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