Cusco implements first night religious circuit for tourists


More than 3,000 tourists and Cusco enjoyed the first night religious circuit, which included cultural and academic presentations, which was implemented in the Imperial City and included the imposing Cathedral Basilica and the Convention Center of the Municipality of Cusco.

The activities were developed in the last two weeks of May, considered as the Month of Museums, entire families and national and foreign visitors agreed to learn more about the culture, the identity of the people of Cusco.

The Archbishopric of Cusco, organizer of the tour, offered keynotes such as «Museums as Cultural Hubs, the Future of Tradition», an academic event that brought together various specialists in cultural heritage, art, history and museums.

The cultural events were accompanied by a concert, with the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of Cusco, more than 600 attendees were delighted with melodies, symphonies, inside the Cathedral.

The theatrical presentations, by the «Qosqo University Experimental Theater», were developed in the passages of the first religious site of Cusco.

Nearly 2,000 people met and learned about the life and contributions of the Inca Garcilaso de La Vega, the Miracle of Santiago and the Virgin in the Sunturwasi, the Chronicle of the 1650 earthquake and the beginning of the devotion to the Taytacha de los Temblores jury master of Cusco .

Stories of the young Selenque and the Virgin of Bethlehem were also offered, the popular Traditions around the Lord of Unupunku, and lastly popular stories about the tower of the gospel and bell Maria Angola.

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