Attention Cusco Lovers! Discover 4 new places in Cusco that will surprise you

If you have ever visited Cusco, you have been left wanting to return. Why does this happen? Cusco is a city with a unique energy and history that always has something new to show. Not in vain is the navel of the world, it is there where endless anecdotes are born and we breathe the desire to eat the world.

Whether we go with friends or as a couple, this region always finds an incredible way to surprise and embrace us. The question now is whether you really know everything you can offer. If you think that Cusco is only Machu Picchu, you are still in the basic traveler zone.

Apart from these wonders, there are 4 completely different and hidden destinations that only a true Cusco Lover could know. It is a select list of destinations that you will not find when searching for Google images or Facebook photos of your friends. Did you hear about them?
1. Viewpoint of Condors of Chonta

If your thing is to appreciate nature and enjoy hiking, this is your destiny. It is one of the newest alternatives that Cusco has. A trip to the Apurímac River Canyon to enjoy the majestic flight of the Andean condor from a viewpoint. It is located at 3 450 m s.n.m. and has a medium difficulty of travel.

A walk of 3.5 km is made crossing impressive landscapes until reaching the viewpoint: there are archaeological remains, fruit and snowy farms such as Humantay and Salkantay. It is advisable to visit the place between 1 and 4:30 pm. since there is a higher probability of sighting condors.

Resultado de imagen para mirador de condores chonta

2. Three Canyons of Suykutambo

If instead you love nature but also history, this is your ideal destination. On the route you can see archaeological remains that you probably did not know existed (Raqchi and Suykutambo) and enjoy the impressive geography with three perfect alleys and huge cliffs of volcanic earth, as well as 4 lagoons that are home to birds like the Parihuana.

It is a destination that very few have reached, a challenge to achieve it with friends or as a couple. The canyons are an enigmatic and unique place. You will need 2 days and 1 night, since it is located at 4 081 m s.n.m and has a high difficulty of travel.

3. Inca bridge of Q’eswachaka

If you are looking for a quiet but fun and adventurous destination at the same time, you will love this suspension bridge of vegetal fiber (ichu) that is located on the mighty Apurímac River in the district of Quehue.

It is located at 3 700 m s.n.m. and it has a low difficulty, so one day is enough to arrive and make the journey. It is a tribute to Inca wisdom and Andean engineering made by hand with huge forged ropes based on vegetable fiber. As you read it, a feat of historical engineering. Would you dare to cross?

Resultado de imagen para queswachaca

4. Palccoyo: Cordillera Arcoíris

Although all pay attention to the mountain of colors «Vinicunca», there is a cousin of this sister who is more accessible and just as amazing. In a natural area of more than 9000 hectares is Palccoyo, a place surrounded by mountains that impact with their magnetism.

Also known as the «Cordillera Arcoíris», it is located at 4 900 m s.n.m and has a low difficulty. Here you can see mountains that resemble the rainbow, red valleys and a forest of stones, ideal for nature lovers and outdoor walks.

Did you know these tourist destinations in the imperial city? One never finishes knowing Cusco and today it is the perfect opportunity to return to visit. Become a Cusco Lover and start discovering all these destinations that await you.

Resultado de imagen para palcoyo

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