The best season to visit the Rainbow Mountain – Cusco


The already famous rainbow mountain or also known locally as Vinicunca which is located in the region of Cusco, every year has been receiving a large number of tourists of different nationalities, since its beauty and location make this place one of the few with such beauty natural without having been altered in all its magnitude.
Cusco being a region located in the Andes and presenting geographical varieties, it only has two well-defined weather stations, this being the rainy season and the drought season, obviously if what you are looking for is to have a day with a clear sky the best dates would be from the month of May to October approximately, but it should be noted that these months are also considered the coldest of the year, so if you decide to visit the mountain during that season try to take enough shelter so that it does not affect the intense cold of the area, it should be noted that this time is also considered as high season, so there will be many people trying to take the same photo you probably want, in this case our company iTerra Peru Adventures, leaves much earlier in their travel than the rest of operators, looking to be the first in the place to have more time to contemplate the landscape and take advantage of the unique moments to take the best photos with the least amount of people possible.


If the rain is not a problem for you, you can travel in November, December and January, but make sure you wear good hiking shoes and a good raincoat since the rainy season makes the terrain a bit more resilient and there is a tendency for rain and as for the month of February we suggest not traveling because the rains intensify and in some cases we can have electric storms in the place. Contact us to provide a more detailed itinerary of our program in the following link.

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