What to eat in Cusco Peru


Peruvian gastronomy is among the best in the world and in recent years is still awarded with the highest standards in this area.
Peru to be a country so geographically rich and present a great variety of climates in its territory, makes possible the production of many agricultural products that are essential ingredients for the preparation of the most traditional dishes of Peru.
In recent years Cusco has been increasing its gastronomic market and many restaurant chains nowadays have their headquarters in the main downtown areas of the city. For many of our visitors, the question is what to eat, where to eat, or what to try before returning home.
In this blog we recommend that something inevitable in your diet is to try the traditional cuy in the oven, it may be weird to do it, but keep in mind that if you are looking for something traditional or typical of the city, this dish, which is usually used to Eat on special dates for the local population. Another typical dish that you can not stop proving is the alpaca grill that usually comes with native potatoes next to a salad of cooked vegetables, if you are looking to replace the traditional rice in your dishes, we suggest that your order add a risotto of quinoa, quinoa is rich in protein and excellent by nature for people with celiac disease and people with diabetes problems.
A good place to have a dinner is the main square of the Cusco with a view pribilegiada to the cathedral, many of the premises have balconies where you can enjoy a romantic moment at nightfall.



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