The best travel companies for the Inca Trail – Peru


The Inca Trail, considered one of the best trekking circuits in the world, gives you the opportunity to reach the sacred city of the Incas through its famous sun gate, which was used by travelers for almost 500 years ago.

It is about 42km that are divided into courses of 10 – 12-15 – 5 respectively per day. Being a well known route for many travelers and lovers of the walk today, the circuit is fully regulated by the government of Peru, therefore there are spaces already granted by this entity and these can not be altered and overcome.

it is for this reason that we only have 500 spaces daily that are offered for sale via internet and in many of the cases these are quickly depleted being the months of May to September the most requested due to the absence of rain in the region, In the same way we have to consider that within this group of 500 available spaces, there are the guides and porters who provide the service of taking our clients to Machupicchu, in that case the approximate number for tourists would be an average of 250 spaces daily.


If you are thinking of completing the Inca Trail, it is important to plan well in terms of your arrival dates and to make an advance schedule of approximately 6 months, as long as it is the case that you want to arrive in the months of June or July. next to this it is necessary to choose a tour operator that fits the service that you want to receive, note that it is what it includes in the service and what is not, since in many offers of different operators the prices vary radically but many times it is due They do not include many aspects in the final service. Another way to see how good an operator is is accessing the accounts of trip advidsor, youtube, and Facebook fanpage, this will help you to have a better idea of ​​which company you are contacting. not necessarily the highest price guarantees a good service but something we are sure is that a very low price as compared to the rest could make your experience on the Inca Trail a real torture so as never to return.


rices range from 450.00 dollars in many cases and these can reach up to 1200.00 dollars per person, a reasonable and good price is between 600.00 to 700.00 dollars, iTerra Peru Aventuras, offers a differentiated service, trying not to exceed groups of 8 people maximum, this makes the experience better compared to groups of 16 people as in many cases, iTerra Peru Aventuras includes absolutely everything in the expedition and offers a service of photography and video for its clients and Select non-traditional camps in the circuit to give more privacy to your travel experience. learn more about our program in the following link.



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