Staging of Inti Raymi 2019 will be with environmental responsibility

The Municipal Celebration Company of Cusco (Emufec), institution that organizes the Inti Raymi, will promote this year the social and environmental responsibility in Cusco and tourists who attend the archaeological park of Sacsayhuamán, where the main festival is staged. The Inca ceremony, held every June 24 in honor of the city of Cusco, aims to develop with respect to the bastions and avoid leaving organic and inorganic waste in the entire area and areas of influence.

Fernando Santoyo Vargas, president of the Emufec, told the Andina News Agency that this year they will present innovations in the dissemination and respect of the vast cultural heritage. The initiative coincides with the 75th anniversary of the cultural staging.

“It is fundamental, we can not stay every year with the collection of solid waste from 20 to 21 tons, we have to be consistent with the regulations, we must limit in a certain way the entry of plastics during the Inti Raymi,” he said.
To achieve the objective, he indicated that they work with operators in tourism, who transfer tourists for staging and often take them with food. “Everyone who enters activities must meet minimum standards of environmental and social responsibility,” he reiterated.

Emufec will also seek to prevent the other commemorative activities, which begin in May and end in July, from being altered by garbage, “we need Cusco’s activities to begin to have a green seal, this implies the quite altruistic commitment that they should have the tour operators “.

Digital broadcast

At another time, Santoyo Vargas said that the dissemination of Inti Raymi will be promoted by digital means. The people of Cusco and the world should know and know the traditions and customs of Cusco through these means.



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