Indecopi evaluates sanctioning airline for suspending flights from Lima to Cusco

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Through a statement, Indecopi reported that it is evaluating whether to initiate a sanctioning administrative process (PAS) against the airline Via Airlines Peru, after the company decided to suspend flights from Lima to Cusco for three days, a fact that aroused the claim of hundreds of national and foreign tourists who could not reach their destination.

Following the complaints raised, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) reported that according to Corpac Cusco, Viva Airlines suspended its 756 flight from Lima to Cusco on December 31, 2018, January 1 and January 3 of this year for weather reasons .

In a statement, the MTC indicated that “in the face of bad weather, the air operators make one or more attempts to approach the Cusco airport, sometimes landing, which would not have happened with the aforementioned company, which upon Corpac’s announcement decided to cancel the landing and return to the city of Lima.

Due to this situation, the Regional Office of Indecopi Cusco (ORI Cusco), took action on the matter and began an investigation to determine what was the situation that was presented.

In this sense, the ORI Cusco verified “that the relocation of passengers on other flights be carried out, as well as the return of money to those who requested it”.

Thus, informed the ORI Cusco, passengers who could not reach their destination on December 31, were relocated on a flight that departed from the Jorge Chávez International Airport, in Lima, on January 3 last.

On the other hand, those who had to travel on January 1 did so on January 4; while those who had to travel that day, 12 people were rescheduled to take a flight this January 5.

On the other hand, it was also reported that the company made refunds in cash to 67 passengers.

“The ORI Cusco will evaluate all the information collected to determine whether or not the start of an administrative sanctioning procedure (PAS) against the aforementioned company, for an alleged violation of the rights of passengers,” the statement said.



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