Exhibition about treasures of Peru arouses great expectation in India


The exhibition “Peru’s Fabulous Treasures” has awakened great expectations in India, said Walter Alva, director of the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán. This exhibition, organized and recently inaugurated by the Embassy of Peru and the National Museum of New Delhi, exhibits the most precious cultural treasures of our millenary country.

“Through photographic panels, texts in Hindi and English, replicas of ceramics, videos, reproductions of the main ornaments of Sipán and some original pieces that this museum has preserved for decades, the development of our original cultures is exposed to the Indian community , from Caral to the Incas, “said the Peruvian archaeologist.

He argued that this exhibition is complemented by the presentation of artistic expressions of our cultural miscegenation, such as a series of reproductions of colonial art -principally the painting of the Cusco school- that exhibit the well-known archangels and other religious images.

And finally, the thematic tour concludes with a sample of the ethnographic aspects of our country, in which each region is present with its typical costumes and customs.

“In the case of the first archaeological-historical exhibition carried out by a Latin American country in the Far East, this event is a real success of our embassy – led by Jorge Castañeda Méndez and his team – which marks a great step to improve our cultural and economic relations with this emerging country, which has shown a remarkable commercial increase with Peru in recent years, being the second of the Asian countries with which more goods we exchange, after China, “said Alva.

He recalled that the National Museum of India is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Asia. Its museum collections host around 200,000 works and its corridors receive an average of 2,000 visitors each day. Going through it means appreciating the most important expressions of art from the millenary Harappa culture to British colonialism.

“The exhibition on Peru has awakened great expectations in the Asian country. It is the meeting between two of the six great foci of civilization of the ancient world, which were born, respectively, with the ceremonial architecture of Caral (5,000 years ago) and with the first urban settlements of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa Punyab (6,000 years ago ), “Also referred to the famous discoverer of the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, in the Lambayeque region.

“The presentation of Peru in India teaches that with few resources and initiative an objective and didactic sample of our cultural heritage can be organized. It remains to suggest that the Peruvian State organize a complete traveling exhibition that covers the world with the most representative of our heritage. We need to project an authentic and positive image of our country, “said Walter Alva, in an article published in the newspaper El Comercio.



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