Cusco: Waqrapukara, the second Inca wonder

waqrapukara-hike-full-day-experience-in-cusco-545862Obliged by the circumstances – competition, mass tourism -, the Cusco operators point to the south, whose quality destinations are only visible. However, years ago, visionary agencies such as iTerra Peru Aventuras (Facebook iTerra Peru) explored this territory and positioned new routes long before the Sacred Valley became super-important.

Needless to say, we did not enjoy the cosmopolitan Cusco night, because at 4 in the morning they picked us up from the hotel. It was cold in Huayqui, the starting point, but as soon as we started to play for a majestic puna we got warm. We do not cross paths with any tourists, only shepherds taking care of their flocks, and this route is more for travelers in search of spirituality drowned in commercial tours.

Suddenly, an amazing hollow interrupts the high plateau. The archaeologist Miguel Cornejo, who investigated the place in 2010, tells us with astonishment: “Before entering Waqrapukara, we arrive at a space formed by fluvial and wind erosion. The entire natural environment warns that it is reaching a special place, out of the ordinary, of incomparable beauty “.

The abyss that forms the Apurímac River is the cherry of the cake and makes Waqrapukara (4,104 m.s.) one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Andes. The Inca architects molded their buildings to geography. “It is an Inca sanctuary of the first order, which denotes immense political and religious power not yet deciphered,” Cornejo adds.

What more can I say? These are the places that make my heart beat faster (and not because of height), that I return at 17, to feel deep, as Mercedes Sosa sang.



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